Our Process


The Landscape

The vineyard is located in the countryside of the province of Toledo, in an enclave known as Los Montes de Alamín which for centuries belonged to a duke. After carrying out exhaustive soil checks, the decision was made to cultivate Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah procured from the finest Bordeaux nurseries and the native Tempranillo grape which prosper well in the sandy soil known here as ‘suelos de aluvión’. The climate is ideal for growing grapes, there is a significant contrast in temperature during August and September – cool and night and hot during the day – which is ideal for a good polyphenolic ripening.


The Harvest

The grapes are harvested by hand, starting at sunrise, with the goal of getting the grapes to the winery while the weather is still cool, at around 20°C. A first selection is done at the vineyard as the grape bunches are cut by hand. They are then taken to the winery for a second selection and to begin the milling process. The juice then goes into stainless steel tanks for fermentation at a controlled temperature, specified by our chief enologist, Daniel Orusco, who has a reputation in Spain for being very meticulous and scientific with his process. For 21 days we analyze the progress of sugar into alcohol and we carry out two lifts of the wine to ensure the tannins go through to the liquid.



The wine stays in the tanks for 6 months at a constant temperature, and is then transferred to our barrels, which are French and American oak. The barrels are in an ageing room that is carved out below the earth, at a steady 18°C. The Crianzas age for 12 months and our Reserva for 24 months. Owning all of our own equipment allows us to have complete control over the entire process from the moment the grapes are picked until the wine enters the bottle.